I have a Feeling

I keep having this feeling that I need to start a blog… So here I am! It is absolutely CRAZY! I would jump in with both feet, but all of the what ifs pop up. Then to add to it all I am way busy: work, family, school, friends, and so much more! Then what if this is what I need to find happiness again. What if it is God giving me a prompting because I will be able to help some one else, including myself. I think this ‘what if’ is what scares me the most. I believe I am just going to do it, but I have said that before! If it is suppose to happen then it will happen. Whether it is a crash and burn, or a success, we will find out together.

If this actually works out what will the people of my small town think of me?! This will truly be an adventure! Just another loop-d-do in the roller coaster of life.


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